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Have you paid a fortune to enjoy the view from your window? Why spoil that view with unsightly burglar bars? We all want to feel safe in our homes, without feeling imprisoned.

Beautiful Security offers functional security that does not compromise your home’s visual appeal and impacts positively on your property’s aesthetic value whilst giving you peace of mind.

By choosing Beautiful Security you are protecting your family and assets whilst maintaining the beautiful look of your property.


Transparent Bars

Transparent burglar bars are the best way to safeguard your home without having to sacrifice that view which you paid a hefty price for. Swop those prison-like burglar bars for a transparent alternative without sacrificing strength and durability.

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Burglar Windows Bars

Why live in fear when you could effectively secure your home with durable burglar window bars? Crime is a growing threat and if you don’t safeguard your home against thieves you could fall victim to it. Protect your family with quality burglar bars.

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“We have just arrived back from our holiday and are absolutely amazed at the job done. Everything looks amazing. We would like to thank your team for yet another project well done.”

Mark, Parkhurst

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Strength and Beauty

Through our Polycarbonate Transparent Burglar Bars, Beautiful Security offers you the perfect solution to both security and aesthetics.

Transparent, beautiful and virtually indestructible, our polycarbonate product is a miracle material. Developed in 1953, this remarkable high density polycarbonate material is, to this day, one of the strongest clear impact-resistant materials. Worldwide, there are only two such brands that are certified for use in the field of aviation. Our product is one of them. The tensile breaking strength is 3000 kgs.
As a testament to its strength, our polycarbonate product has been extensively endorsed and used in a variety of extreme applications which require a dependable product:

  • Helmet visors (including police riot visors) and riot shields
  • Rocket, fighter jet and F1 racing vehicle windscreens
  • Commercial airline windows
  • Military protection

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